Kaplan Turbines

Kaplan Turbine, which we produce with great experience for many years, is a kind of turbine with a high customer demand. Its biggest advantage is, Kaplan turbine is double regulated which leads very flat and high efficiency curve among the entire flow range and works efficiently in different head range. Kaplan Turbine which we produce have an important place in the sector with a high efficiency numbers and well-proven technology.

We produce Kaplan Turbines as vertical and horizontal axis machines, suitable for concrete or steel spiral case. Also we can produce Kaplan turbines with horizontal axis according to available head with 4, 5 or 6 blades up to a capacity of 20 MW.

Our runner blades are made out of high resistance Chrome-Nickel alloy in order to prevent to ensure a long life time as well as high wearing resistance. At the same time the runner hub can be produced without oil (with water) in an environmentally friendly if our customer demands it.



Energy Production

The working principle of Kaplan Turbine is as follows:

  • The water comes into the body of spiral case at high pressure.
  • The water passing through the spiral case and hits the runner.
  • Finally, the water coming to the runner leaves the turbine at low pressure.
  • In this way generator connected to the runner produce electricity.

Project and Design

The production is carried out in accordance with the international quality standard and norms as follows;

  • Technical drawing and solid modelling are performed by our expert engineers with 3D design software programs.
  • Turbine / turbine equipment takes its final form with a 5-axis CNC machining centre while various type of material in our manufacturing facility.
  • Quality controls based on specific standards are regularly performed by our experienced quality engineers.
  • Material testing is performed by independent testing institutions at certain times (TSE,S&Q Mart etc.)
  • Within the scope of the project agreement with our customer, the logistics process starts for the installation and commissioning of the plant.
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