Pelton Turbines

Pelton Turbines which we produce have been the primary reason for our customers who want to have high head turbine solution. We are able to provide model tested high efficiency values for Pelton Turbines that we produce up to capacity of 50 MW.

The number of nozzles we use in our Pelton turbine types are as follows:

Pelton Turbine with Horizontal Axis 1-3 Nozzle

Pelton Turbine with Vertical Axis 4-6 Nozzle

We take meticulous measures against all kinds of corrosion. Our Pelton type turbines, which are produced with care and attention by our craftsmen, are always welcomed by our customers.



Energy Production

  • Stored or flowing high head water comes to the nozzles through penstock.
  • The flow of the water is adjusted with the help of the needle at the nozzle tip and water is injected with a high kinetic energy to the runner.
  • The injected water is converted into mechanical energy in the Pelton Turbine and the turbine rotates at nominal speed according to head.
  • The turbine transfers its mechanical energy to the generator through the shaft and generates electricity.

Project and Design

The production stage is carried out in accordance with the requests of our expert engineer staff as follows:

  • Technical drawing and solid modelling are performed by our expert engineers with 3D design software programs.
  • Turbine / turbine equipment takes its final form with a 5-axis CNC machining centre while various type of material in our manufacturing facility.
  • Quality controls based on specific standards are regularly performed by our experienced engineers.
  • Material testing is performed by independent testing institutions at certain times (TSE,S&Q Mart,etc.)
  • Within the scope of the project agreement with our customer, the logistics process starts for the installation and commissioning of the plant.
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